Artist statement:

Those who appear in my paintings have chosen benevolence as a chance to connect with God. Now they are rewarded abundantly. They are slowly hovering, gently listing, and rising from worldly burdens. Elements of their past world that were of significance may still surround them; but, now function as props for a theater of memories that have defined their lives. Even the tragic memories no longer haunt them. What they have longed for returns, and they may live some experiences hoped for, but never realized. They may even know someone who died too soon. Relatives and friends as well as great minds from history are conversant with them. Adversaries dwell in forgiveness. Secrets and hidden knowledge are revealed. The ultimate questions are answered. They are peacefully apprehended by beauty. Isolation no longer threatens. Creatures familiar and extinct are again enjoyed. There is no more predation. Nature in its hostility is no longer fearsome. Wild winds, forbidden ravines, and colliding galaxies have become our home.